Printmaking has become part of my art practice. Initially I thought that it would be ideal to use in book making, but now I am intrigued by the many ways that you can get an image, from simple dry points to etchings that require many different processes to achieve the result that you want.

As a journal writer of many years, the artist’s book was another medium to explore using handmade and machine made paper. It is possible to embed emboss and use various printmaking techniques in the books and include text if appropriate. I think of the artist's book as a kind of Haiku – it allows for the essence of an idea to be expressed. If successful, the content and structure of the book complement each other.

Drawing is an important component of my work and is a way of seeing for me. During my travels I always draw wherever I am and take great pleasure in documenting the journey.

Paper making became part of my textile vocabulary about fifteen years ago – I found that the possibilities of embedding information in the final sheet during the paper making process very exciting and I have used this technique in some of the wall works as well as artist’s books.

Different materials suggest ways of use. I have found that texture, the soft or hard qualities or reflective surfaces of certain media, useful in making objects or parts of a whole piece of work as these qualities can help to convey the meaning of the art work.