The lines between art, life and work are blurred - art connects to life experiences. My work is influenced by previous ‘lives’ I’ve had, places I’ve been to and people I’ve met.

I like the fact that all aspects of my life are inter-related and I realize that this blurring is essential for my well being. Making art and teaching are closely connected. One feeds the other, so that I still enjoy teaching workshops as ideas can be developed through the teaching process.

The studio is a place of refuge (and often chaos), but there is always a place to go, a place where I can expand, invent or follow through ideas that have emerged in the night...

Travel, which includes artists’ residencies, is important to me. Being exposed to other cultures and environments has influenced me to see and to respond in different ways.


recent / currently showing / coming soon

exhibitions coming soon, currently or recently shown that include my work:

Divide & context
31 August - 28 September 2013
Goulburn Regional Art Gallery celebrates 30 years 2013

Innovation and Tradition - Artworks using print techniques  
Altenburg Gallery  - Braidwood, NSW 2013

Place Notes
solo exhibtion @ The Hanging Space Art Gallery
see images HERE

27 August - 2 September 2012
Belconnen Art Centre, Canberra ACT

23 - 29 August 2012
Geelong Grammar School, VIC

Prints by 8 Australian and 8 Italian artists
22 August - 20 September 2012
FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong
showing concurrently in Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy

RECYCLED LIBRARY : Altered Books see images HERE
June 2012
New South Wales State Library

June – August 2011
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

V1 International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art,
Xalapa, Mexico. May - June 2011

Entre Deuxwith Diana Brennan see images HERE
July 22 – August 20 2011


Westerly 2011
showing at V1 International Biennial
of Contemporary Textile Art

Spinifex Sanctuary
as seen in Breathing Spaces 2010

Tea Party 2007

Lucca Walls 2005